APIsĀ  (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
S. No. API Therapeutic Category Pharmacopiea Grade CAS No. CEP / DMF / Tech Pack
1 Ranitidine Hydrochloride Antiulcer IP/USP/BP/Ph. Eur 66357-59-3 CEP & DMF Available
2 Gabapentin Anticonvulsant IP/USP/BP/Ph.Eur 60142-96-3 CEP & DMF Available
3 Pregabalin Anticonvulsant IP/USP/BP/Ph.Eur 148553-50-8 CEP under review with EDQM
4 Pantoprazole Sodium Antiulcer IP/USP/BP/Ph.Eur 164579-32-2 CEP filing is under process.
5 Albendazole Antihelmintics IP/USP/BP/Ph.Eur 54965-21-8 Tech Pack available
6 Ascorbic Acid Antioxidant IP/USP/BP/Ph.Eur 50-81-7 Tech Pack available
7 Sodium Ascorbate Antioxidant IP/USP/BP/Ph.Eur 134-03-2 Tech Pack available
8 Ascorbyl Palmitate Antioxidant IP/USP/BP/Ph.Eur 137-66-6 Tech Pack available
Note :: None of the above products will be supplied to the countries in which these could conflict with the existing patents. The final responsibility lies exclusively with the buyer.

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